Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Update and Revive the Blog?

Hi!  It has been almost six years and my lovely cousin in law reminded me that I still have this blog!  It was just today that I realized it has gotten almost 15,000 views!  Holy cow, I never expected that from a hobby.  I love weddings, design, and fashion and will happily revive the blog however, it probably will be focused on the above plus babies!  Yes, babies.  In the last six years we have managed to create an incredibly beautiful little girl and have another bundle of joy on the way. 

What else has happened, oh yes, we moved a few times and gut renovated a house in queens.  Perhaps I should have updated the blog with interior design options along the way.  Just kidding...well unless someone wants to see that stuff. 

Catskill Bride is now Catskill Mom with just a little more responsibility and less time for hobbies.  I apologize for those that emailed me with questions over the past year or two.  I will be more diligent with checking it over the next few months if the response is good.  So...its up to you now.  What would you like to see from Catskill Bride?

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