Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Completing Your Look: A Brides Quest for the Perfect Veil

The veil is the most important accessory a bride will wear. It is the one item that with out a doubt I will treasure from my own wedding for the rest of my life. I spent more time deciding on a veil than I did on my dress. The veil is what can turn a simple bride into a fashion forward icon. The most disappointing thing about veil shopping is the limited styles that most bridal shops carry. Designer veils are expensive and brides tend to overlook what style this can bring to their look by searching for cheaper alternatives without exploring what really exists in the land of veils. I would love to change the view of the veil in every brides mind.
The first mistake that a lot of brides make is not setting aside a budget for the accessories. I think that shoes are equally important but we have already covered that in a previous post. The veil budget is so important for getting that look that you want. There are some less expensive alternative is you are willing to look for them however the couture veils are worth paying for and also worth searching for.
I love custom veil designers that are willing to work with a bride to create the look that they want. Here are a few of my favorite veil designs:
This one is by Bride's Head Revisited in NYC; The Audrey:

I seriously swoon every time I see this veil. Swiss polka dots, back ribbon detail, and custom to the length that you want, seriously how much better can you get? I have seen this veil in person and it is hands down the best thing I have ever seen. If only I had seen this veil before choosing my wedding dress I may have re-thought my entire wedding.

Next Up a design from Toni Federeci:

Can you imagine what this veil would look like with lasts season's Vera Wang in the rose color with the pink bow on the front? STUNNING!!

Personally, I love the cage veils however I strongly believe that they need to be done by a good designer and yes, I can tell the difference.

This one is from Artikal:

To every bride out there who is planning a wedding. Take a few minutes to search around to see what kind of veils are out there. I love incorporating a detail from the dress into the veil. It really shows that you took the time to think about your look and that is something that everyone can appreciate.


  1. Love the birdcage veil. I think it looks super chic. I popped over from project wedding--your blog is super cute!

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