Monday, November 9, 2009

Back To Reality

We had the perfect wedding. Perfect day, great vendors, amazing honeymoon. Wedding planning was a breeze, I loved every minute of it. I honestly wish that I had the money and resources to plan another. While I prepared for every second of our special day I refused to think about how I would feel returning to our normal life after the wedding. In retrospect, this is something I should have thought about.

To spare you the boring details I'll summarize by saying that resuming a normal life after your wedding is quite difficult. This is especially true if you love planning every detail of your wedding. Even my dear husband had moments of sadness. We were truly morning the loss of our wedding. Two months since the date of our wedding we have finally put the day in our past and have moved forward as the loving married couple that we are.

I am writing this because of I've gotten emails from a few readers inquiring about a number of things. While I intended to jump back in to the heart of this blog, I needed a break.

Thank you all for your understanding!


Catskill Bride

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